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On-Site Training:
Tactical Canine Casualty Care Course

Tactical Canine Casualty Care is an intense, case-based course combining classroom presentation with dynamic, hands-on, scenario-based training on life-saving treatment of critical working dog emergencies.  Based on the principles of TECC and TCCC, the course is tailored to each participant's previous experience, training, and skill level.  Using case examples of actual working dog emergencies, skills covered include:

-Emergency kits and planning for working dog emergencies

-MARCHE treatment protocol

-Gunshot wounds, stabbing, and other penetrating injuries

-Blunt trauma, blast injury, smoke inhalation

-GDV ("Bloat"), Heat Injury, Drug Exposure

Hands-on Skills:

-Hemorrhage control

-Airway management including ET Intubation and surgical airway (trachetotomy/cricothyroidotomy)

-Respiratory Management including oxygen delivery, chest decompression, and chest seals

-Fluid therapy including IV, IO, and SQ fluid administration

-Needle decompression of GDV ("bloat")

-Laceration and minor wound care (Sutures, skin staples, bandaging)

Group registration discount available for 5 or more registrants from the same agency or organization

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