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Drug Exposure, Recognition, and Treatment in Working Dogs


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With the opioid crisis and increased legalization of THC products, in the United States, there is increased concern about the risk of working dogs becoming exposed to these drugs on the street.  Despite reports of an epidemic of K9 exposures to fentanyl and other drugs, there is little documented on actual cases of exposure.  Join Dr. Janice Baker during this webinar to discuss a realistic look at the scope of the problem, differentiating between opioid exposure, exposure to stimulants (cocaine, methamphetamine), THC products,  and other look-alike conditions, and how to treat them.  

Top Five Life Saving Moves for Traumatic Injury in Working Dogs: Lessons Learned from the Field


On demand!


Lessons learned from the field have shown a handful of critical actions that increase an injured working dog's chances of survival.  Other lessons learned have shown critical actions NOT to do in cases of emergency. Join us live or on-demand for this important information that could save your dog's life from gunshot wound, stabbing, vehicle strike, falls, or other traumatic injury.


Registration: $25

Rethinking Heat Injury in Working Dogs


How hot is too hot? When is it too hot to work a dog? What body temperature is too hot for a dog? How long should work-rest cycles actually be to prevent heat injury? What is the best way to cool a dog if they seem overheated? Why do law enforcement K9s keep dying on duty and in hot vehicles? These are all great questions, but difficult to answer for all dogs. In the past few years, research and new insights into heat injury in working dogs has given us a new way to think about how to prevent and treat heat injury in working dogs. Join Janice Baker,  DVM, DACVPM, expert on occupational hazards in working dogs, for this interactive webinar to discuss these questions, and learn key ways to recognize and mitigate thermal stress in the elite canine athlete.

Registration: FREE!

The Effects of Tactical Gear on Canine Performance

In this webinar, we discuss the effect of tactical gear such as body armor, muzzles, booties, googles, and other protective gear on performance and physiology in working dogs.  Using an evidence based approach, combined with lessons learned from the field, we discuss pros and cons of each item of gear in the tactical environment.

Registration: $25

Hostile Action Injuries in Working Dogs

Injuries incurred during the line of duty, specifically as a result of hostile action such as gunshot or stabbing, can be significantly different to manage than other injuries.  In this webinar, we discuss the difference between tactical medicine and clinical medicine, introducing the concept of Tactical Combat Casualty Care/Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for the canine casualty.  We also discuss the evidence regarding mechanism of injury, treatment outcomes, emergency kits, and line of duty deaths/injuries in military working dogs, law enforcement canines, and search and rescue dogs.

Registration $25

NEW!!! Diet Selection for Working Dogs: Maximize Quality, Health, and Performance

We are excited to announce a new webinar on nutrition of working dogs!  In this new webinar, entitled "Diet Selection for Working Dogs: Maximize Quality, Health, and Performance" Dr. Erin Perry, PhD in Nutrition and FEMA Canine Handler discusses nutritional requirements, nutritional quality of foods, effects of deployment-related stress on the gastrointestinal system, trends, fads, and myths of canine nutrition, and some very practical advice for canine handlers and veterinary professionals when it comes to feeding working dogs.

Registration: $25




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