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Recruiting clinical veterinarians for potential full and part time positions in 2019
Positions:  Full and part-time positions for licensed veterinarians to work approximately 75% clinical and 25% providing training, research and field event support with Veterinary Tactical Group.  
Eligibility: A licensed or ability to become licensed in the state of North Carolina, no legal or professional disciplinary actions, experience in any of the fields of emergency practice, sports medicine and rehabilitation, working dog occupational health military or expeditionary veterinary medicine in addition to general practice preferred.  Applicant should be comfortable with surgical procedures typical of general practice, although new graduates with unique experience will be considered.  Applicant should be comfortable with public speaking and teaching others in a classroom and field setting.  Previous experience with research is preferred, but not required. 
Work Environment:  VTG Clinical Veterinarians will enjoy an interesting and dynamic work environment in a small clinic in a small town rural environment with easy access to the mountains, beach, and metropolitan areas of North Carolina.  VTG staff are selected through extensive recruiting based on clinical competence, ability to work well in a team, leadership potential, and interest in promoting the health and performance of working and sporting dogs, as well as ability to serve our local pet owning community.  Our general, sports medicine, and canine occupational health practice provides high-quality, evidence-based medical care, serving the local community and select remote clients through a stand-alone clinic as well as mobile veterinary service.  Training and teaching includes participating on the VTG team of consultants and instructors to provide veterinary continuing education as well as training law enforcement, military, and public safety personnel in care of working dogs and other elite canine athletes.  Veterinarians will participate in clinical and field-based research in the areas of working dog performance and occupational health.
How to apply, or inquire for more information:  Contact us at  Include the term "Clinical Veterinary Recruiting" in your subject line.
Join the VTG team of consultants
VTG is always searching for qualified personnel to join our research, training, and clinical teams.  The majority of VTG consultants work as independent contractors based on their own availability, skills, and interests.  Prospective consultants are screened through our application process and qualified applicants are invited to attend one of our scenario-based field recruiting and training courses.  These courses simulate a field deployment and combine classroom instruction with field applications and field leadership and reaction scenarios. (See advertisements for previous R&T course, in the videos above) With a few special exceptions, all applicants must attend a VTG R&T course prior to employment or acceptance as an independent contractor.  R&T courses are no-cost to the applicant and anyone completing the course is awarded a certificate for 16 contact hours of CE (including veterinary state-approved CE)

Requirements for application:


VETERINARIANS: Valid license in any state in the United States or your country of residence. Military special operations or deployment experience preferred. Emergency experience preferred. Good physicial condition, willing to work in less-than optimal, potentially hazardous, and harsh environmental conditions. Be willing to submit to background check and have no bars to obtaining a security clearance.  


VETERINARY TECHNICIANS/NURSES: Registered, licensed, or certified veterinary technicians or veterinary nurses are eligibe for this course.  Military special operations, deployment, or emergency and critical care experience preferred. Good physicial condition, willing to work in less-than optimal, potentially hazardous, and harsh environmental conditions. Be willing to submit to a background check and have no bars to obtaining a security clearance.  


LAW ENFORCEMENT CANINE HANDLERS: Current or retired law enforcement canine handlers, SWAT or tactical experience preferred but other experienced canine handlers will be considered depending on experience.  Canine handlers will not handle a dog for this position, but will work as instructors, consultants, or assist with veterinary care of dogs in the field.


Applicants without military, special operations, or deployment experience are occasionally considered based on other professional and life experience. 


We also recruit unregistered veterinary assistants, EMS personnel, physicians, registered nurses, and search and rescue canine handlers as needed.    


Qualified applicants, contact us at to request an application.

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